The Open Source Living Room

"make your own stuff"

A partnership between ShopBot Tools and AtFAB, the Open Source Livingroom first appeared at the Bay Area Maker Faire in the Spring of 2014. It next popped up at the Detroit Maker Faire at the Henry Ford Museum. Want to know are the companies and designers that made it happen:

A ShopBot CNC tool was used to fabricate all the pieces in the Open Source Livingroom...find out more at


Did you fall in love with the tables and chairs in the Open Source Livingroom! Find more of their designs at AtFAB

Don't have a ShopBot? Find someone to fabricate your projects locally on the 100kGarages network




Shelter 2.0 uses digital tools to build emergency and transitional housing...the "Cat's Bridge" shelter was part of the Open Source Livingroom




The very cool Antler Chair and Rocking Stool were created with SketchChair chair design candesign your own!

Liked the cool texture carvings we were cutting? They were done with a Handibot Smart Power Tool

The Open Source Livingroom is a project of AtFAB and ShopBot Tools